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Septic tanks generally need to be pumped out and cleaned every three to five years when the solids that build up in the tank reach the tank’s storage capacity. At Big S Oilfield, we provide pump trucks for septic tank cleaning in Brooks, Alberta. We empty the tank, clean it out, and clean up any spills that happen along the way. We use a vacuum to suck out all the water and waste, store it in our trucks, then haul it away for disposal. We have a fleet of well-maintained trucks that can help you with all your needs. We service septic tanks for both commercial and residential clients.

Septic Tank Cleaning in Brooks, Alberta

How It Works

Using high-pressure water jets combined with powerful vacuums, we can properly clean out even the toughest of septic tanks. We can also use our vacuums to clear out water from floods, mud sumps, and sewage spills. Call us today to get your septic tank emptied out and cleaned.


Accidents Happen Any Time

We have crews available 24/7 for emergency response to spills and leaks.


We Care About the Environment

Cleaning up oil spills is our job. We want to keep the world a clean place.

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