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Oil Spill Cleanup in Brooks and Surrounding Areas

What do you do when an oil spill happens? It can be a disaster for the environment if not cleaned up as quickly as possible. Fortunately, Big S Oilfield offers hydrovac-based oil spill cleanup in Brooks and in the surrounding areas. Our hydrovac services can also be used to clean out oil tanks and septic tanks. We’ll do the cleanup and the disposal for you. We care about the environment as much as you do and want to do what we can to protect it. Our specialized equipment can help with cleaning up oil spills and pipeline leaks easily, and we recover as much of the oil as we can.

How They Work

Hydrovacs work by blasting highly pressurized water at the target while using a vacuum to remove the slurry. The waste is then stored in a tank for hauling away and disposal. Contact Big S Oilfield services today to ask about our hydrovac services and help keep our environment clean.


Accidents Happen Any Time

We have crews available 24/7 for emergency response to spills and leaks.


Serving the Oilfields

We provide well-swabbing services in southern Alberta.

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